pointHotspot.com Internet Access Control

You want ... to provide wireless Internet Access for your guests, clients, visitors etc., but you want to remain in control of who and when somebody is using your Internet Service. You might want to make this a billable service or a value added service as part of your e.g. room charges. Be in control with whom you share your wireless Internet connection!

Our solution: Internet Access Control with Username and Password

... simply use one of our pointHotspot.com Access Gateways, connect it to your Internet connection and start providing controlled wireless Internet Access.

We provide all the facilities like
  • Web-based Control Panel Access at www.pointHotspot.com
  • You manage all of your online users
  • Customised Access Packages, e.g. 30min, 1h, 2h, 1 day etc
  • 'Prepaid' Access Cards by the minute, e.g. 30min, 1h, 2h, 10h etc [optional]
  • Bandwidth Control per user or site
  • User Online/Offline/Expired/Suspended Status Monitor
  • Administrator/Front-Desk manager accounts
  • Server Status Monitor, monitoring our US based redundant servers
  • Gateway Status Monitor, monitoring the gateway at your location
If a single wireless Gateway is not sufficient to cover your Building, Compound, Marina, Stadium etc
  • Simply add a number of wireless Access Points. Access points do not have to be wired to the main gateway. Just plug in the powercord and keep them within wireless reach of the main gateway or another wireless access point. Building a 'mesh' network, just like a cellular network for mobile telephony.

Our gateways provide wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n etc. (11Mbps, 54Mbps, 700Mbps) and wired controlled Internet access. We are using Linksys and other wireless routers including appliances and PC based servers with modified software (DD-WRT, OpenWRT, RouterOS ...) in connection with our centralized US based servers. In addition to our online Control Panel servers, we operate redundant dedicated servers for the authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) process.

In case you already have an existing wireless network, but do not have sufficient access control or too complicated set up based on MAC addresses, you can simply use our Internet Access Gateway (Internet Access Control Appliance) to start getting in control again.

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